"the cancer burden is expected to rise by about 70% over the next 2 decades"

Quoted from Pub Med 

  Whatever your Challenge may be...YOU have the STRENGTH AND COURAGE TO CONQUER.  Let HOPE be your inspiration! BELIEVE!....YOU GOT THIS!

Our goal is to provide information and resources for those battling cancer.   We hope to inspire you to believe cancer can be prevented and or beat.  We need to be stewards of our own bodies, provide the nutrients that inhibit cancer growth, move our bodies to keep our mitochondria firing and practice gratitude even in the face of adversity.

Message in a Bottle


What's Inside?


Encouraging words on stickers to adorn your thermal flask with.  The stickers are a way to keep a constant affirmation by your side.   

This is just the start of our journey, join us as we help fund alternative holistic care for those battling cancer.  With every purchase you will personally be giving to others in the fight. 

We want all who are facing extreme challenges to know that they are not alone.   We also offer a platform so anyone can make a straight monetary donation(which means 100% of your donation is used for care non going to admin fees) and share in the cost of survival. (see our Donations page)

Please like and share on your social pages, so others who may know someone battling cancer, can let them know, there is hope.  That's our Message.


You can help us to help others by creating your own fundraising campaigns using our products, sharing on social media and sending them to purchase through our site, you will earn 20-30% on all sales you generate.  


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Share your Strength or Affirmation

Help others in their journey to find courage and hope.  Our thermal flask has a message to share, affirmations and encouragements.