PhQ Cancer Campaign


The founder of this nonprofit, Tracy Johnson felt compelled to do something proactive once she heard of her siblings Stage 4 sarcoma cancer diagnosis. She's a doer not a sit around and wait worrier. Well, wait, she does worry! but not on her laurels.

She bombarded him (brother) with videos and suggestions on diet and visualizations until finally he said stop. 

With her pent up energy and need to help she founded this organization to bring to the public ways on surviving and most importantly, preventing cancer.

Her best friend coined it perfectly, 'maybe a wellness coach is in your future' 

Tracy did the exact same thing when this same friend's one year old was diagnosed with leukemia 20 years ago. She read all that she could on what can help and they did juicing, they sprinkled Vitamin C powder on everything the toddler ate, granny grew vegetables to ensure they'd provide the best nutrients. That kid was monitored and fed with what essentially cured her.


Ali's 6 peers from Ronald McDonald house all perished within a few short years, yet Ali, who had the most aggressive of leukemias than the others, is still alive today, we just celebrated her 21 birthday. 

So, with that said, this organizations goal is to hopefully save lives. We bring you information and inspiration...and a notion that perhaps survival will be so.