PhQ Cancer Campaign


The founder of this company felt compelled to share with a sibling, who has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, affirmations and all the mind visualization videos she could find.  However, you can only do so much and sometimes it's too much! . So, her why:


Over these past 20 years she'd researched the alkaline theory for inhibiting cancer, she partakes in consuming raw vegetables DAILY along with a concentrated form (found on our 'DID YOU KNOW' page) She's a strong believer in the power of the mind and shares links for those interested in learning. 

Armed with information to share and abounding energy, she now aims to invite those challenged by illness to seek new insights to what she feels is powerful enough to make a difference in how they perceive and or deal with their circumstances.

With an extensive background in product development, business development, startups, sales and marketing the founder, Tracy Johnson has decided to create her own branded thermal flask.  Her goal is to provide a symbol of mindfulness, to have courage, find strength and be hopeful.  

The Message in a Bottle,  is filled with affirmations, it's  a means to enforce the mindset of overcoming the obstacles we all face. The affirmations come in the form of stickers to adorn the outside of this stainless steel flask with purpose of creating a constant reminder. It is to remind us all that we can face these challenges with strength, courage and hope. 

Visit our 'DID YOU KNOW' page regarding nutrition, links to alternative cancer treatment centers and a showcase of what to consider having in your arsenal and where to get them.

Visit our POWER OF THE MIND page for videos from those who have beat cancer and videos from professionals who explain the possible reasons why.

We intend to create, a community where we can share in the cost for holistic protocols, and everyone is sporting one of our bottles, knowing that EACH bottle has given in so many ways. 

Our donations platform kind of does the same as what a GO FUND ME does but without taking any fees PLUS your donation is Tax Deductible.   Our fund raising platform is for those wishing to help  supplement the cost of holistic treatments and protocols (which are not covered by insurance) for those battling cancer.


by KARRI  will cover all transaction fees and not charge any other fees plus will provide tax receipts for your donations.  100% of that donation will directly impact individuals in the fight.   All profits from merchandise purchased will be dispersed among those seeking help on our fund raising page. Help us help others.  PLEASE Spread the word.